If you're Irish, come into the parlour

Post date: Mar 16, 2011 12:25:57 AM

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If You're Irish, come into the parlour

posted 16 Mar 2011, 00:25

Today is St. Patrick's Day and everyone is a little bit Irish, except for the Italians and the gays - Kent O'Brockman

It's been St. Patrick's Day for hours and I'm still not drunk yet - Homer

The feast of St. Patrick is a celebration associated with the introduction of Christianity into Ireland and, for the people behind The Simpsons, an excuse to engage in merry old stereotyping of things that everyone associates with Ireland except for, strangely enough, the Irish. What is wrong with those people? Don't they know how to conform?

The Irish have provided an important element of The Simpsons from the very earliest days - see Irish References in The Simspons from The Simpsons Archives.

So before we all get too drunk, let's raise a glass, or several, to Irish influences on The Simpsons. For those already too drunk here's a short video that should answer all your questions: