Best Simpsons Video Games

Post date: Apr 20, 2013 10:36:1 PM

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Best Simpsons Video Games

posted 20 Apr 2013, 23:36

A common and recurring theme, that has cropped up time and time again on The Simpsons over the years, relates to the issue of 'video violence' and juvenile exposure to same.

Fans of The Simpson will no doubt recall the many strange and bizarre video games that Bart et al while away the hours of their misspent youth glued to. How many of them can you recall? No doubt you will have your personal favourites but there have been so many over the years.

Good to know then, that a bunch of college students have applied their collective minds and come up with the following compilation. Isn't it satisfying to know that our best and brightest and doing what is expected of them? Namely, sitting around, pretending to be intelligent while they observe and comment upon prime time television. God bless them all and give them all a free beer (just one mind you - they can share it between themselves).

CollegeHumor's Favorite Funny Videos

For a fuller list (at least as far as Season 18) check out this infographic and if that doesn't whet your appetite for information, here's more.