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This website celebrates the comic genius that is The Simpsons, through its unique compilation of classic quotes, humourisms and memorable moments. Throughout its nearly 30 years, this show has consistently managed to entertain and enthrall. We salute you.

The selection of material presented here is part of an unfolding project, making no claim to be either comprehensive or authoritative. It is intended simply as a platform for fans of the animated cartoon series, to explore common and recurring themes.

You can converse with other fans of the series through the Online Forum that we provide. There are also many other websites dedicated to one aspect or another of the TV cartoon classic that is, The Simpsons. These include episode guides, quotes, facts, trivia etc. Some of these are included in the Links and Resources section. If you know of others that might be worth a mention, we encourage you to submit them. Please Contact Us.

This website is an entirely independent and unofficial fan site. It is in no way connected to the series itself, or anyone involved in its production, etc.

We respect all laws relating to copyright and intellectual property rights - or strive to in any case. We urge others to do likewise. The reproduction of small segments from the script, something which in truth, cannot even come close to doing justice to a timeless comedy classic that is The Simpsons, is done with the intention of fulfilling the mission and purpose outlined above. If anyone disagrees, "Let's not get the law involved! One hand washes the other..."

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